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REACH Audit, avoiding penalties

REACH is a European Union regulation regarding chemical substances. It is to be followed in each EU member country directly. As described in the regulation, all members of the industry, including chemical substance producers, importers and downstream users, but also producers whose end products contain chemical substance, must comply with REACH.

Authorities perform regular checks at producers and importers of chemical substances to ensure compliance with REACH regulation. Penalties for non-compliance range from 370 Euro up to 74 000 Euro in Hungary.

Your company probably doesn’t want to receive a penalty, does it?

The REACH audit

At your request I can visit your company, assess through a detailed audit what parts of the regulation apply to you, and then help answer all your questions during the registration process. At the end of the consulting I provide you with a written summary of the tasks your company must perform related to REACH. The on-site consultation takes appr. 4-5 hours. Following the audit, I also provide a one hour telephone consultation to answer any questions you may have regarding the summarized tasks.

We recommend REACH audit for you in the cases, if

reach szolgáltatás You theoretically know your REACH related tasks but need help in their completion for the registration
reach szolgáltatás You understand everything but lack the time or a confident knowledge of the English language to represent your company’s interests in the SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum)
reach szolgáltatás You receive several questions regarding REACH from your buyers, and have no idea how to answer them
reach szolgáltatás You produce or import chemical substances so you tried to understand REACH, yet you are still unclear about what specific tasks your company has after the pre-registration
reach szolgáltatás You have no intention to read and understand the 800 page long REACH regulation and the related English language instructions
reach szolgáltatás You are unsure which chemical substances are limited according to REACH and which ones receive exemption
reach szolgáltatás You have chemical substances which are critical for production, for which you have not found the EINECS number on the safety form, and you are also not sure what to do with these substances after 1 Dec 2008
reach szolgáltatás You cannot decide whether the substance, which you believed was polimer for years, is really regarded as polimer according to REACH
reach szolgáltatás Or simply if you want to know the essence of this regulation, as in the next ten years this regulation will be an important factor in the everyday life of the environmental, health and safety collegues of the company.

You do not need the REACH Audit, if…

reach szolgáltatás Your company does not currently use and doesn’t plan to use in the future any chemical substance, or if
reach szolgáltatás You are clear about the tasks related to REACH which apply to your company.
reach szolgáltatás If you cannot decide if you are impacted by REACH, feel free to call me at the +36-20-220-5737 number, and I can help you make a decision in a short telephone consultation.

100% money back guarantee for your satisfaction

If for any reason you are not satisfied with my work or my attitude, or maybe you think that REACH audit did not help you in any way, I will return the full consulting fee to you within two weeks following the consultation.

If you have decided that you would like to review in a REACH audit what applies to you from the regulation, then don’t delay further, fill out the order form! Within 2 days I get in contact with you and we can agree about the location and the timing of the consultation.

Price of REACH audit: 400 Euro + T&L cost…

“When I first heard about the REACH regulation and started to study the 800 pages, I had doubts that I will ever understand and be able to apply it at our company. I think it has been written with too many chemical and legal terms. I tried to understand it, but the picture never really came together. Then I heard about the REACH audit in the newsletter.

Agnes Botos’s audit and her explanations helped me a lot, it is very practical and focusing on the main points. I can easily state that by the end of the audit (appr. 3.5-4 hours) I saw everything clearly, what our company must do to comply with the regulation today and in the following years.

I can only recommend that those who are unsure of the requirements of the regulation get in touch with Agnes, it is worth spending this time and energy on the REACH Audit.”

Goldschmidtné Horváth Ilona
Lead Quality Manager
Max-Magyar Műanyagfröccsöntő Kft