I would like to change my tonnage range and registration deadline in the case of my pre-registered substance, what should I do?

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Pre-registration services

Pre-registration is possible after 1 Dec 2008

I would like to manufacture or import a chemical substance, which has not yet been pre-registered, what should I do?

The first obligation of a manufacturer or importer of substances is pre-registration. Substances manufactured or imported at a quantity of more than 1 metric ton per year had to be pre-registered by 30th of November 2008. Only pre-registered substances are allowed to stay on the market without registration until the end of the registration period for their volume band (2010, 2013, 2018). Substances that have not been pre-registered are treated as new chemicals, and these are not allowed on the market without full registration.

If your company starts manufacturing or importing, for the first time, chemical substances at a quantity of 1 ton or more per year after 1 December 2008, you can benefit from late pre-registration provisions. The first-time manufacturer / importer (see Article 28.6) must pre-register at the latest six months after its produce or import exceeds the one-ton treshold, and at least 12 months before the relevant deadline for registration. First-time manufactureres and importers will therefore have to submit their pre-registration before 30 November 2009, 31 May 2012 or 31 May 2017, whichever is relevant in view of their tonnage thresholds. Manufacturing or importing for the first time means, the first time since the REACH regulation entered into force on 1 June 2007.

Pre-registration service includes:

reach szolgáltatásAI double-check the information provided and gather any missing detail as neccessary
reach szolgáltatásI then complete the pre-registration

I forgot to pre-register a substance which we manufactured/imported at a quantity over 1 ton in 2008. What should I do?

If a manufacturer or importer has missed the pre-registration prior to 30 November 2008, or missed the deadlines from the beginning of the manufacturing or importing of the substance, it will not be able to take advantage of these intermediary periods and will need to suspend the manufacturing or importing of the substance until it receives the registration number from the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) in Finland.
There are further possibilities to resolve this kind of a situation, however the discussion of these must take place as part of a consultation.

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